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          LJCF Life Group fellowship is the primary vehicle we use to gather, grow, give, and go and to create biblical disciples in a relational environment. Life Groups are small groups of people who meet in each others’ homes for fellowship, bible study, and prayer on various evenings throughout the week.

          We want to get to know each other in a more personal way than is possible on a Sunday morning. The atmosphere is much more relaxed compared to a typical Sunday morning church service. Groups are facilitated by a Life Group leader and consist of discussions about the Bible, faith, and life. The perfect size for a Life Group is a small group; not larger than 12-15 people. We want to create a relational environment that is comfortable and intimate where the joys and burdens of life can be shared with one another.

          Life Groups are for anyone; Christian or not. Can’t make it on Sunday mornings? Come to a life group. Don’t feel comfortable joining the crowd on Sundays? Join a Life Group. Do you want to get a better idea of how Christians act when they just living life around and with each other? Check out a Life Group. Do you need to be refreshed during the week by a group of friends who love you like family? Become part of a Life Group.


Groups currently meet on Sunday and Wednesday evenings from 7:00 – 8:30 PM.


Child Care?

          Some groups will have child care at the host home. If childcare is not at the host home, you will need to find childcare. Ask your group leaders for details.

To join a Life Group: sign up using the form below (we’ll send you the location details), contact us on Facebook at @lifesjourneymt, or see the signup sheet at the visitor kiosk on Sunday mornings.


Spring Life Group Study

          Below is the Rick Warren video series “Transformed”. You can watch all seven video sessions on YouTube. The series also includes a workbook and devotional book that you can purchase which provides a full 50 days of transforming encouragement and insight.

Transformed Video Sessions

  1. Session 1: Transformed in My Spiritual Health

  2. Session 2: Transformed in My Physical Health

  3. Session 3: Transformed in my Mental Health

  4. Session 4: Transformed in my Emotional Health

  5. Session 5: Transformed in my Relational Health

  6. Session 6: Transformed in my Financial Health

  7. Session 7: Transformed in my Vocational Health

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